Why Steel Is The Future

Metal Advantages

A steel frame provides elevated investment performance, stability, and a more sustainable option.

Steel framed buildings
are Durable.

Metal is an extremely strong material that offers long lasting protection against moisture, corrosion, termites and natural disasters of all kinds. The strength of metal is undeniable; it is twenty-one times more flexible than wood and ten times more powerful than reinforced concrete.

Steel framed buildings
are Time-Efficient.

Metal framed construction projects can be built in a short time frame. Prefabricated steel can be transported and assembled faster than traditional manufacturing methods. The process is therefore faster and the project can be finalized within months.

is Economical.

Lightweight metal structures are more cost-effective than conventional construction methods, reducing the cost of the project from its core.

is Sustainable.

Metal is produced from recycled material, so the consumption of natural resources is minimized. It contains no toxic substances making it non – harmful. The entire structure is recyclable.

is Flexible.

Lightweight metal structures allow more flexibility in the design process. Additionally, when constructing using steel, the columns can be placed further apart than traditional construction methods, creating larger living spaces.

Structural Design of Building

There was research conducted in the laboratory of the University at Buffalo that shows the performance of particular buildings being static during an earthquake. These buildings are very similar to ours in their structure.

Energy Performance

The construction of steel framed house creates a sustainable and economical option. Energy efficiency is key because it can majorly reduce the energy consumption needed at home.

On the left, you can see some examples of our buildings’ Energy Performance Certificates.


To achieve building a house with zero energy consumption, the usage of suitable materials and method are necessary.

Steel framed houses have excellent thermal properties maintaining a cool environment in the summer. Excellent soundproofing is also a result as single and double stone wool or ironed polystyrene offers special insulation.

We can create buildings with almost zero energy consumption.


Considering necessary legislations, we provide validated and certified high-quality and high-tech materials and offer a range of options on walls, window frames and roof types.


Metal Frame Houses offers to customers the option of two external wall choices and one option of internal wall. Here, you can see the wall systems available.

Window Frames

Metal Frame Houses offers customers the possibility of two frame options, PVC and Aluminum Energy Efficiency A.


Metal Frame Houses offers the options of three roofs. Here, you can see the options available.


Our priority is your safety.

We utilize carefully selected, high quality and fire-resistant materials, ensuring the best possible results.

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