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Steel Frame Houses in Cyprus

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Why Metal Frames Are the Future

Gold Standard


Steel is an extremely strong material that offers long-lasting protection against corrosion, moisture, termites and natural disasters such as earthquakes, fire and storms.


Research in the laboratory of the University of Buffalo has proven the structural behavior of a building.


The achievement of building a house with zero energy consumption is an outcome of the usage of proper materials and systems with low heating and cooling consumption. This results in buildings featuring Energy Performance A.

High Tech
& Materials

Considering all the necessary legislations, our aim is to provide validated and certified high quality and high-tech materials, with a range of options on exterior walls, PVC windows and aluminum.

Structural Design
Energy Efficient
High Tech & Materials

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What Our Clients Say

“Τhe construction of our home, began in the midst of a pandemic, a circumstance that disrupted every sector of our lives. However, M.T. Metal Frame, proved professionalism and managed to complete the project regardless of these adversities. What impressed us the most was, that in every obstacle we had to face the company stood next to us, taking into consideration all our concerns. For all those reasons and many more, we feel the need to thank from the bottom of our hearts all the people who contributed to the implementation of the project. It is not just a project for us! It is a dream turned into reality. We unreservedly recommend M.T. Metal Frame to every couple who dreams to build their own home.”


“I feel twice lucky that I was fortunate enough to find M.T. Metal Frame Houses and let them take over the construction of my child’s house. As a customer, I can say that it is extremely difficult to find a trustworthy company to build your home. You take a great risk as you have a lot of demands; to build a beautiful house properly, with durable materials while providing all the comforts in a functional way without escaping the estimated cost. I can assure that M.T. Metal Frame has carried out my demand with great success. Thank you for being with us and supporting us in all the difficulties and obstacles we have encountered. You are not only the people who build our house, you have become our FRIENDS”


“I feel the need to thank all the staff of M.T. Metal Frame Houses for their excellent cooperation. All of them were willing to answer all the questions and concerns I had. There have been plenty situations, where they have done and handle things they were not obligated to do. They have been always there to assure me that everything will go as planned. I feel lucky to have chosen M.T. Metal Frame Houses, to build our dream home. I highly recommend them”


“I thank from the bottom of my heart M.T. Metal Frame Houses, for the construction of my house and all the support they have provided during unprecedented process for me! The result is admirable! Every day I realize that I have made the right choice for trusting them”


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