Why Steel framed buildings are a good option?

Steel framed buildings are lightweight, economical, durable and safe. They are resistant against moisture, corrosion, termites and natural disasters.

Can a steel framed house ensure safety and durability?

Steel has the highest weight-to-power ratio of any other building material. Constructions that use a steel metal frame are safer, have fewer maintenance needs and have increased longevity in comparison to ordinary concrete constructions. Steel is also significantly resistant to natural wear and tear. It is ideal for use in seismic areas, as it absorbs seismic vibrations due to it being lightweight and elastic. Steel is a non-flammable material, preventing the spread of fires. Its construction method, using screws instead of checkered links, offers great resistance to wind. Due to its inorganic material, steel does not rot or crack like other materials. It is unaffected by molds and parasites too.  There are therefore significant benefits of using steel for construction.

Is steel environmentally friendly?

Steel is 100% recyclable, making it sustainable. During the basic production process of steel frames in an oxygen furnace, at least 25% of recycled steel is used.

Is steel functional and easy to use?

The use of a steel frame in the construction of buildings helps avoid design problems and the usual and time-consuming pendulums. It allows faster completion of projects since there is no waiting time, in contrast with other conventional construction methods. It guarantees precise angles, square corners, and smooth frames, ensuring the smooth application and movement of doors and windows. It is more lightweight and easier to assemble than other frame-making materials and does not need to be separated, as the quality is uniform. Therefore, the losses are less, offering more profitable buildings and providing a more environmentally friendly structure.

Is steel a good option for challenging applications such as additional flooring?

Our construction method is an ideal solution for additional flooring cases to existing buildings, due to steels low weight. Especially in buildings that were studied and built before 1985, (based on the old earthquake regulation), the usage of a more lightweight building option is your best choice. Additionally, it is possible to prefabricate the metal elements in cases where on-site assembly is difficult due to the shape and location of the existing building.

Can the usage of steel create possibilities for future expansion/a new layout?

Our light steel building system is an adaptable solution to owners’ future needs. Our non-bearing masonry can be easily moved in a short time and at a low cost, causing minimal damage to the site. This is impossible to achieve using conventional methods. The same applies in the case of future expansion, the flawless application of the old with the new is ensured.

Can steel provide an absolute fit and flawless material finish?

The assembly of the steel frame and lining materials ensures the absolute application of the architectural design and provides perfectly aligned horizontal and vertical surfaces. In this way, the final interior and exterior surfaces have an impeccable design and finish, giving a high-quality aesthetic to the spaces.

Will the steel frame be visible in the final outcome?

No. The structure is covered by the walls and is not visible in any way.

Will my house look different to other houses?

No. Your house will look like any other in the region with its own design identity, of course. The flexibility and application of the steel frame will allow you to design your home with larger spaces due to the fact the columns will be fewer than other construction methods. The finishes used are the same as ones commonly used in the region.

Will I be limited by a specific type of architectural design?

You can create bespoke designs, just as you normally would. We could also suggest some ready architectural designs.

Will it cost more to build a house with Metal frame?

The fact that the house will be built much faster, with less labor costs, less material wastage and easier long-term maintenance, contributes to a very economical construction.

Will the metal frame affect the quality of the air inside the house?

No. The steel frame is proposed by the Institute of Health in America, especially for people who are sensitive to chemicals, therefore supporting good air quality. The steel frames need absolutely no treatment for canker and they do not contain resins or chemical adhesives that some other building materials have.

Will I be able to make changes to the structure of my house?

Yes, as the steel frame allows larger openings without intermediate support. The property can be designed without interior partitions and facilitating changes without affecting the structural design of the building.

Is there any risk of the steel frame corroding?

The use of galvanized steel protects our buildings from rust.

Will the house be colder during the winter?

Our insulation properties of a steel framed building allow your home to be energy efficient, preserving the heat in the winter and the cool temperature indoors during the summer.

Will my home be more energy efficient if I use steel frame?

Yes. Houses with steel frame can be designed to meet and, in some cases, exceed government standards in energy efficiency. Furthermore, as the frame maintains its structure due to its stability, this helps prevent shrinking, cracking or distortion. Further, this prevents any air leakages which is the key cause of energy loss.

Will my home be at risk of lightning?

The metal frame provides better protection than any other building system. Scientists suggest building with a steel frame since you are protected during the storm because the structure grounds electricity, and reduces the likelihood of explosions, fire, or electric shock.

Will I be able to sell my house?

Your home will be no different from the neighbor’s and under normal circumstances should be suitable for sale. Due to the great durability and the insulating properties metal has, your home will retain its value, especially in the long run. In addition, if you take advantage of the flexibility and durability of the metal to design open and airy spaces, the building will present additional qualifications for future buyers.

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