Steel Frame vs Concrete: Which Is the Best Choice?

Article by M.T. Metal Frame Houses

The construction of a house is one of the most pleasant and exciting moments in life, while at the same time it is one of the biggest investments that someone will make, thus the decisions that have to be taken are crucial.

The first (and maybe the biggest) dilemma you will face during this period, is the type of construction you will choose for your dream home. Are you going to choose a traditional construction with concrete and bricks, or a steel framed one?

In this blog, we gathered all the differences between those two types and everything you need to know before you make your final decision.

Appearance of the House

In appearance, you cannot distinguish the variance of a metal house and the conventional one since their main difference is found in the frame of the construction. One made of metal and the other of concrete. The frame is then covered by the walls and all the finishes are made with the same materials that are used in the building.

Construction Duration

In terms of construction duration, the steel frame takes precedence since a project with a metal frame can be ready within 10-12 months (provided that all the necessary permits have been made).


Even though with the global cost increase in raw materials, there’s no significant difference between a conventional and a metal construction, the metal construction takes once more the precedence, thanks to the short time frame, where it contributes to less labour costs and less material wastage.


In terms of humidity, sound insulation and energy efficiency, the difference is subject to the construction company and the materials it uses. Here at M.T. Metal Frame, considering all the necessary legislations, we provide validated and certified high-quality and high-tech materials, in order to ensure the best possible result, while the method we follow allows us to provide an ecological economical construction with excellent energy efficiency.

Flexibility and aesthetics

Another important advantage of metal construction. Metal frame constructions allow designers to provide functional and stylish homes. In addition, in metal constructions, the structural elements can be placed at greater distances from the traditional construction methods and take advantage of the privileges of large spaces to the maximum extent.


Both types of construction are considered safe. Metal is an extremely strong material that offers long-term protection from natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires and thunderstorms. The strength of a metal is unquestionable as it has the highest strength to weight ratio of any other building material.

It is completely up to you, to choose the construction type that suits you the most. That’s why M.T. Metal Frame Houses works with each customer individually, aiming to satisfy their needs and make their dream home a reality.

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