Smart Storage Under the Stairs

Article by M.T. Metal Frame Houses

There are many ways to save space in the house, and the space under the stairs is one of them. Most of times though, this space is used for your guests’ toilet and let’s be honest, there are plenty alternative ideas to use this perfect location.

Below, you can take a look for some clever and alternative ways to fill the void that lies beneath the staircase of your house.

Greenery under the stairs

If for some reason you do not have an outdoor garden, do not be disappointed, there is a perfect solution. You can include greenery in your home, under your ladder. You can easily build a garden with pebbles and resistant plants. Using the right lighting as well, you will emphasize and style that corner.


If you don’t have space or the budget to add an extra room for office, then you’re allowed to “steal” the idea of the “Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects” office, where they designed a surprisingly spacious office under the stairs.

This intelligent and functional way can serve your daily needs for web surfing or work from home, and let’s be honest who wouldn’t love such a great idea.


Another beautiful option to take advantage of the space under the stairs, is to build a library. You can place books, decorations, children’s toys, board games etc. This way you will immediately give your home an excellent style.


If the bedroom wardrobes are not enough, then the space under the stairs can be an ideal storage space, where your most used clothes and bags can be placed.

Wine Cellar

A very clever and cultured way to make the most of the space under the stairs, is to create a wine cellar. Wine lovers will just love the idea.

Laundry room

Another highly functional option for using the space under the stairs, is the creation of a laundry room. That will save you space and money to build extra room for that.

General storage

Finally, if the above options already have their place in your home, you can always use the space under your stairs as a general storage space. It is a very helpful solution to place inside the house everything you do not use daily, yet with direct access.

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