Smart Lighting at Home

Article by M.T. Metal Frame Houses

Lighting is one of the most important elements you need to adjust during your interior decoration. The approach of a space can completely change when the right lighting is used.

Your lighting does not have to be limited to conventional ceiling lighting. Table and floor lamps can make a significant contribution to complete a room and make a space look bigger and more open.

Let’s look at six (6) tips that will give you solutions to add smart lighting sources to your space.

#1 Lighting rails

Lighting rails, instead of conventional fixtures, are very common in small rooms. If you want a mix & match of rails with conventional lighting, then prefer small and beautiful lights that, compared to large ones, can be integrated into small spaces much better with rails. If, in fact, you paint your walls in light colors, then you will give the feeling that the room is bigger.

#2 Mirrors on white walls

Another popular way for smart lighting is to place mirrors on white walls. This simple and budget-friendly technique has been used for many years always achieving the desired result. You can combine them with ceiling lighting, as well as lights that aim at your white walls and highlight them. Glossy surfaces and mirrors reflect light and make the room look bigger.

#3 Build-in lights

If you wish to visually resize a room, drive the light in many directions and select different intensities. A particularly popular solution is the built-in lights known as spotlights, i.e., lights that enter an opening of your ceiling or wall. Spotlights have the privilege of not “invading” the space. To make the small spaces look larger use ceiling lights combined with modern wall lights and floor lights, all in spotlight form.

#4 Driving light to the ceiling

A way to visually extend a small room is to drive the light to the ceiling using lighting rails combined with lights on the floor and wall. The white and strong light directed at the ceiling always makes a space appear more open.

#5 Modern celing lights

Modern ceiling lights can drive a beam of light into a hallway or hall, with different angles. If you adjust the angle correctly, you can “open” the narrow spaces and make them more attractive and friendly.

#6 Wall mounted lights

If you want to make a space look bigger and airier, we don’t recommend using only the conventional ceiling lighting you place in the center of the room. With this solution, all you will achieve is to make the space narrower. Here’s a smart solution: place lights on one of the walls, in a straight line. The result will surprise you.

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