Six Creative Ways to Decorate your House with Plants

Article by M.T. Metal Frame Houses

Who said that plants are only suitable for outdoors? Plants are an all-time classic decorative element, which has been evolved into one of the most powerful trends in Interior Design and Decoration.

Indoor plants can be very beneficial, they can reduce stress and anxiety, produce better sleep, clear the atmosphere, and increase the productivity, while their presence can create a ZEN environment.

In addition to their functionality, plants can color even the most minimalistic spaces, while their uniqueness can often make them a focal point.

Let’s check some interesting and creative ways how you can create indoor gardens or incorporate the nature into your space.

Indoor garden under the staircase

Use the empty space under your staircase to create a small dreamy indoor garden. Build a flowerbed and place pebbles as a base. Now you can either plant flowers, or place pots of plants above the pebbles, to create your indoor garden. Don’t forget to place hidden lighting as well, for an impressive result.

Vertical garden panel

If you’re tired of the usual plant displays or you don’t have enough space to place plant pots, then the vertical garden panel is a highly impressive choice to incorporate the nature to your space.

Use plants as space dividers

If you’re looking for a way to integrate nature to your home, while giving some privacy to a space, the most suitable choice is to use plants as dividers. The bigger and higher the plants, the more the privacy.

Indoor bathroom courtyards

Indoor bathroom courtyards are a highly impressive and creative way to integrate nature into your home. The easiest way to create an indoor bathroom yard is by using pebbles. They can be placed either under the bathtub, or on their own with a few plant pots on them.

Use plants as focal point

Sometimes, all you need is just a large and impressive plant. It will create intensity and an effortless aesthetic in a space, while it will provide as much greenery as it needs to not look cluttered.

Place plants behind mirrors

If you like extravagant and want to impress your visitors, then placing plants behind mirrors is the solution you need. The technique is the same with the vertical plant panels, the only difference is that it will be adjusted behind mirrors. Try using this option in your bathroom area and your visitors’ admiration will be inevitable.

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