Raft Foundation: Its Definition and Its Importance

Article by M.T. Metal Frame Houses

The starting point of a newly built house begins from the foundation of the house.

This stage is probably the most important, because the foundation will support everything we add until the end of our construction (walls, windows, furniture, etc.), while at the same time it will work as a shield against natural disasters (earthquake, fire, etc.).

There are several ways of foundation which can be used, depending on the quality of the soil, the cost and the type of construction.

The safest solution for the foundation of the building is the raft foundation, a unified foundation which is made of reinforced concrete and is at least 40cm thick, that extends throughout the entire area of the columns.

As a rule, a raft foundation is used as a building’s foundation when the soil has a low bearing capacity.

This type of construction connects the house with the ground, so a mixed sealant is used to prevent moisture from rising from the ground, while it provides a significant margin of safety, allowing the addition of floors on a later stage as necessary.

Once the foundation is placed, it should be thoroughly sprayed with water for seven (7) days, preventing any loss of durability, especially during the summer months.

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