We Take Care of Everything

Building a home is such an exciting and crucial period for a person. Here at M.T. Metal Frame Houses, our team of professionals will take you through a series of steps, to materialize your ultimate idea of a home.

Our clients take inspiration from a wide variety of designs and materials or request a completely different design or concept according to their needs or personal vision.

Our company prepares all the necessary
studies for the building permit.

Structural design
Energy Efficiency


Design is the first step to take when you’re planning to build a house. Our experienced architects, interior designers and art directors are always ready to design your ideal home from scratch, according to your budget and needs!

We also accept existing architectural plans, or you can take a look on our 3D Concept Houses for inspiration.

There is literally nothing we can’t do. Whether you want a three-story house or a bungalow with a fireplace and pool, or the most luxurious villa, our design team is ready to assist you and your vision.


Our team of Quantity Surveyors are at your assistance and can provide you with a quotation breakdown based on your architectural designs.

We can still give an offer, even if the architectural designs are for a conventional house.

The cost of every house is determined by both its design and materials choices. For further information regarding this, feel free to give us a call and we can book you in for an appointment.


For every project we undertake, we require a simple 10-12 month time frame detailed below:

For every project we undertake, we work within a simple 10-12 month timeline (provided that all necessary permits have been issued).

This includes everything from pouring the foundation to applying the finishing touches.

One of the advantages of using steel is that it can be transported and assembled quicker and easier than other methods of construction. Therefore, the manufacture process can be achieved in a shorter time frame and your house can be ready within a few months.

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