Myths Around Kitchen Design

Article by M.T. Metal Frame Houses

The kitchen is one of, if not the most important room of a home. It is where we spend a majority of our time and where a family comes together each day.

It’s for this reason that kitchen design are of the uppermost importance to people. Designing your dream kitchen means a lot, but you need to be aware of some common and misleading myths before you get started.

Let’s debunk these myths, so you build the kitchen you’ve always wanted without hesitation.

Myth #1: It Looks Great at my friend’s place

Seeing a new kitchen can give you feelings of envy, and that isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes it can inspire you to find your fit and style for your new kitchen, but other times it can make you want the same thing. What looks good at a friend or family member’s home may not necessarily translate well in your home. Don’t go in blind with the belief that a particular style or layout will work for your kitchen. Instead, use this inspiration to look at your space and work with builders who can help you create your unique vision.

Myth #2: Style over practicality

We would all love a stylish kitchen – one that we fall in love with every time we walk through the door. Undoubtedly, the first thing people think about when on the hunt for a new kitchen is the overall look. It’s easy to be drawn to the style over practicality as you can find inspiration everywhere – in a magazine, TV or social media such as Pinterest and Instagram. However, we find that practicality actually trumps style. Whilst everyone may believe style is at the forefront of designing a kitchen, we like to ensure that your kitchen is designed and built to be practical for you and your family’s needs. Of course, we do not forget the style element.

Myth #3: Bigger is Always Better

Ah yes, the common belief that you have to go big. Every kitchen is different and has different uses and needs. You can’t generalize a kitchen functionality. Instead, they must be analysed closely and based on the specific needs of the homeowner. So, if you need a bigger kitchen to match your growing family’s needs, go for it. But don’t just go big, just for impress.

Myth #4: Save Storage for Last

Never underestimate the value of having enough storage space in your kitchen. When people see a kitchen with plenty of storage, it immediately adds more value to the room. That’s why you shouldn’t save your storage plans for last. Work with your builders to design your kitchen with plenty of storage options in mind.

Myth #5: Cheaper Building Materials Will Save Money

Of all the places in your home, using cheaper materials is one of the worst decisions you can make when designing your kitchen. Think about cabinets, flooring, countertops, and backsplashes; if you use cheaper materials in these areas, you will need constant replacements every couple of years, costing you more in the long run.

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