House Building: Quality vs. Cost – Factors that affect the cost of construction of your new house

Article by M.T. Metal Frame Houses

Whether you are building a house, or you have started your research on building your new home, then you will surely have realized that it is probably the biggest and most important investment you will ever make and the decisions you will have to take in the next period, will last you a lifetime!

This is the reason why you have to do an extensive study to come up with the best possible options to utilize your budget in the most effective way.

Usually the factor which affects the most any decisions a young couple might take in terms of building their home, is inevitably the cost. Nowadays, any savings that can be achieved are very important, especially for such a big investment.

However there are some areas which quality should not be discounted and some options are worth investing in, so as not to regret it afterwards.

Undoubtedly, for the construction of your house, you can and should receive multiple offers in order to decide which the best for you and these offers certainly have their differences. What you need to consider though, is the reason behind the different price range, what risks may be lurking or what are the differences between a cheaper and more expensive offer.

Hereunder, we explain which points may have a decisive role in the construction cost and the offer you will receive, but also in the quality of your future home.

Concrete & Reinforcement

The usage of the appropriate concrete category throughout the building plays very important role for the quality and the longevity of the construction, in order to have the right ratio of materials and uniformity.

In general, concrete is one of the points that should not be discounted in terms of quality, because it plays crucial part in the structure of the house and can cause vital problems in the future.


The choice of materials for insulation, as well as the installation process, is an extremely important issue for the construction of the house and for avoiding losses in matters of thermal insulation and humidity. Choosing cheaper materials or not installing insulation where necessary, might relatively save you some money in the initial construction cost, although it will certainly significantly increase the cost and consumption of energy and maintenance. Also the problems that concern moisture and mold, are related to health problems so it is good to pay extra attention!

Construction Specifications

The specifications of the materials and methods that will be used for the construction of the house, also have a decisive role in its costing. There are many cases where it can be considered that some of the specified materials in a lower bid are satisfactory, however if changes are made in the process will significantly increase the cost. For this reason it is important to make a very good study of all the specifications offered by the company, before closing the deal. In cases where specific companies and materials are listed, it is good to get in contact with them, in order to understand all the details regarding the specifications.

Construction Supervision

The construction of a house is a huge and important project which consists of many other smaller projects. Frequent diligence and control are essential, in order to carry out such a big project. The diligent and planned operation of all works is very important from the beginning to the end of the project and that is reflected by the whole presence, communication and professionalism of a company. That’s why at M.T. Metal Frame Houses each project corresponds to a janitor who supervises the project from start to finish.

Team of Professionals

When you select the construction company that meets your needs, you will usually get in touch with the contractor and the architect. However, the rest of the team that will undertake the construction of your house is equally important. The phenomenon of subcontracting of garages by companies engaged in the mass construction of houses is quite common. This may have a lower cost for the company but can create significant problems in terms of control and compliance with specifications, since in such cases, the goal is often not quality, but speed and adherence to schedules. For this reason, M.T. Metal Frame is one step ahead as it is a one-stop construction company which consists of a team of professionals such as Architects, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and Interior Designers offering complete design solutions, thus ensuring functionality, safety and elegance in every project. We also maintain our very own experienced and trained crews, in order to meet our high demands and the philosophy of our company.


Finally, for such an important project, you certainly need a reliable partner, who will advise you every step of the way. At M.T. Metal Frame Houses, we always choose quality and professionalism and do not settle for anything less than excellence both in design and construction. Our philosophy is to exceed the expectations of our customers, at every stage!

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