Six Alternative DIY Decorations: Easter Edition

Article by M.T. Metal Frame Houses

Easter is a celebration that primarily marks the Resurrection of the Lord and the Resurrection in our hearts, while also officially marking the coming of Spring. It may not be described as the most wonderful time of the year like Christmas, but it has its honor, as it is surrounded by all sorts of flowers, fascinating smells of wonderful Easter dishes and festive mood.

For those of you who like to keep the traditions and on the pretext of the holidays throughout the year, you like to include in your home decorative touches, we have 6 alternative ideas for your Easter table and décor, whether you want to keep it simple, or you want to take it all the way.

#1 Colored eggs and bunnies have always been the main features of Easter décor. However, you do not need to use them in their trivial forms. Our recommendation is an Easter, impressive, creative, and highly original version of the Christmas wreath, based on eggs. You can either keep it in neutral colors or enrich it with various flowers as well as broken shells.

#2 For those who are not fans of special decorations, yet they want to give an Easter touch to their festive table, we suggest the towels’ folding in the shape of a bunny. A Simple yet creative way that will definitely cause smiles. How to achieve the result of the image: 1. Take your towel and collect it in an elongated way. 2. Fold it in half 3. Take a rope and collect the 3/4 of the towel to create the bunny ears. 4. Place an egg on the bottom, as the head. 5. Optionally, place a sprig of flowers of your choice to give a more boho and romantic mood.

#3 Who knew the paper packs of eggs would find their honor on your Easter table, too? Use them as a basket to place your eggs, or as a base for candles made of eggshells that you can put in the middle of the table as décor.

#4 The painting of eggs is a custom trademark of the Feast of Easter. Nevertheless, you can get away from the usual methods and bring this tradition to its most modern version. For those who have an artistic vein they can make those abstract faces that are so in fashion right now (see photo), while our glam friends, can dazzle their eggs with glitter manicure.

#5 Another good option is the painted eggshells, for those of you who want to make a difference. The golden color is an ideal choice as it blends harmoniously with the white of the egg, however you can use any color you like.

#6 Last but not least, for our plant lovers, do not worry we have not forgotten you. A unique suggestion for your Easter table décor is to use eggshells as “pots”. Place them in a glass container and with a few featherers (just like the picture below) you have made your own unique décor. Bonus tip: The best thing about this décor is that you can keep it all year round.

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