5 + 1 Ways to Discover your Interior Aesthetic

Article by M.T. Metal Frame Houses

The first thing to do when designing a room is selecting the interior style you want to go for. Sounds easy right? Think again! Things can get a little confusing when looking for a little inspo to get your ideas and decisions flowing and browsing through the various styles on Pinterest, Instagram and the likes can make things even more complicated sometimes. Let’s face it, it’s only a matter of time before you start feeling a little overwhelmed with all the options and overload of information…

We’ve put together a little guidance for you to make things easier when you reach that crucial moment of choosing the aesthetic and style you want to go for!

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a free online application you can download on your phone. It lets you collect photos and is a great source of inspiration. It always gives me that creative hype. Cool huh? Sign up and create a folder with photos you like related to Interior spaces…it’s that easy! When you collect enough photos, observe them carefully. What are their common elements? Which colours dominate? Briefly researching on Google can give you enough to discover the style most suitable for you. Let’s not forget, you can also get ideas from social media!

2. Check your Wardrobe

As strange as it sounds, a source of inspiration to discover your interior style is rummaging through your wardrobe. The dominated colors or patterns are the ones you’re most likely into. Following these colour preferences, you’re definitely one step closer to discovering the interior style that suits you best. 

3. Window Shop in Furniture Shops

One of the best ways to discover the interior style that suits you most while getting into direct contact with everything you need for your space all in one go, is a walk and window shop at furniture stores. Usually, store managers and assistants are people with knowledge in the field and will give you that extra helping hand. Make sure to get a feel of things and take advantage of being there in person. Embrace that multisensory experience and take a closer look at textures. This should give you a clearer picture of what kind of products you would like to include in your new home!

4. Observe

Another way to discover your style is to take a closer look at the places you visit. Next time you’re at a friend’s house, pay attention to their décor style and start thinking about how you could incorporate different elements you like into your space if given the opportunity to. This is another playful way of developing your vision on how to decorate your place. 

5. Make a Questionnaire

People say that it’s easier to make decisions when thoughts meet paper, and if that’s not true then I don’t know what is! A simple way to explore your decorative style is to grab a pen and paper and head over to your target space. Make a simple questionnaire with questions like; Which colours am I drawn to? Am I a fan of traditional or modern styles? What are my thoughts on bright colours? Write down your answers and use your imagination to envision a completed space. If you are having trouble creating your own questionnaire, no worries, there are plenty on the Internet!

6. Hire an Interior Designer

If you followed all the above steps and still feel confused or keep reaching the same dead end, then the best solution is to hire an Interior Designer & Decorator. They will answer all your questions and guide you through everything you need to know from the beginning to end, making sure that everything will run smoothly.

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